About Us

 Ebony St Pierre is a Professional childcare giver, Natural living educator, and a full time Mommy.  For almost a decade Ebony has dedicated her time, money, and energy in educating herself in all things natural. While she has always been focused on respectfully parenting in a way that works quickly and effectively, Ebony is also especially versed in non-toxic living for the average person. From non-toxic toy options to where to buy organic clothing to how to shop for good whole foods all without having to sell your house!  

    Her journey originated whilst working in a daycare full of nauseating smells, distracting toys, proce

ssed foods, and sick kids. Day in and day out until one day it clicked! The phrase “we are what we eat” goes so much deeper than just food. What we put on our skin, in the air and in our living space matters just as much!

   Ebony left the clouded space to work as a nanny. After attending thrice yearly, sometimes weekend long education courses and countless hours educating herself she now spends her time talking with caregivers from all walks of life who want to be more conscious about their choices. Ebony is always learning new things and is always on the lookout for the latest truths.

April is a multi-passionate nanny, wellness coach and artist. She loves all things healthy  vegan eating, spiritual wellness, and travel. Her top hobbies are hiking, photography, and moon rituals. 

Conscious Caregiving, to her means incorporating a spiritual practice and wellness rituals into her daily life to become a better caregiver: For both the children she works with, herself and the collective human family. 

She began Nannying six years ago, continuing through her college education journey with filmmaking and artistry.

What at first was a side job hustle became one of her biggest passions: Childcare

After moving to Los Angeles and treating her chronic illness she started to incorporate wellness practices into her nannying  and is now a wellness advocate for the whole human family with her coaching, nannying, and artwork.

Her largest aspirations are to inspire, heal, and create a family someday.