The gratitude practice you can practice with your children daily 

I love gratitude journaling. Long form writing or short daily musings. Gratitude is thought to be one of the most high vibrational feelings and frequencies. I don’t know about you but I most certainly can agree with that concept. The feeling of gratitude can set your day up from a place of love and affection. I always start my day with a gratitude practice. 

How do I start this with my children?

I know what your thinking, that’s great but long form writing isn’t exactly a breeze with kids, especially younger children. 

That’s why I started practicing this simple step with the children I care for on the way to school, taking a break from playing, or at dinner. 

How to try it at home 

Gather all those participating ( I recommend this for any verbal children ages 2 and up. ) but can be done with the whole family, having one person take the lead and saying what they are grateful for! This is something I do with the youngest for the family I care for. She always has a smile when we do this!

For one minute, everyone just chants, says, or explains what they are grateful for. If you can’t make it to the one minute mark, chime in with more questions, ideas and things you ( the adult) are grateful for as well. It can be fun to say silly things, mix it up, and to start asking questions supported by mindfulness. 

Do you have a gratitude practice? What has been your experience with adding this to your routine with children?