My 3 top books  for caregivers and why you should pick them up today 

Complete Wellness by Neal Yard 

Love to have this on hand for those nasty sicknesses and first aid remedies. This book breaks down natural ways to cure children ( and adults) of almost every ailment under the sun! It’s a must have in my house. You may  even be surprised by the different herbal blends included in this book! 

The Conscious Caregiver: A mindful approach to  caring for your loved ones without losing yourself By Linda Abbit

We could all use a reminder that self care should come first ( that-you can’t poor from an empty cup saying). This book outlines conscious Caregiving and gives you to tools to have a full cup and outpour love to all those that matter. 

Influence: Robert B. Cialdin

This is a marketing book at best, and I put this on the list because as reading it I could help but notice the ties to childcare. We influence those we care for, and  even those we are around daily. The subconscious mind operates different ( like a sponge) from birth- age 7 in children. You are influencing them in a large way: start to recognize patterns of your persuasion with this read.

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