3 Wellness as a Pillars To Apply to your Childcare Philosophy 

As I began my health journey and continued along this path of wellness I started to incorporate my wellness practices into the pillars of my life: personal, relationships, emotional, physical, spiritual and occupation. 

As a nanny, I found the most difficult to be relationships and occupation. Which was, eye-opening. As a nanny, relationships and occupation blend more frequently than most other jobs and titles I hold ( aside from my health coaching business).

As other wellness practices in my life increased I saw how my values took a step back and were on the slow rise due to my daily routine at work; which at first was hard for me to admit, being that I spend more time at work than I do at home. 

So I began to start to change a few areas to incorporate my values and passion back into the majority of my day to day life, ways that would benefit me and the children. In doing so, I noticed some pillars to wellness that translate into the childcare sphere and can really make an impact on your livelihood and the livelihood of the individuals you care for (parent role or otherwise!)

Movement is Medicine: 

Start to incorporate daily movement into your schedule.  Daily walks or hikes are my favorite. Movement is essential for many foundations of health including energy expulsion, digestion, and a healthy mind. I started to work in movement into the day to day with the children I care for. We often forage, play eye spy, or just talk about our surroundings promoting mindfulness. Make it fun and set times during the day and week when you will talk a walk outside. It is medicine!

Model by Example 

When it comes to anything wellness, I like to model by example. The easiest  to provide example is through healthy eating . Promote healthy food choices by eating healthier options yourself . Talk about the food, example by eating healthy foods ,and offer the children to try and encourage them that even if they do not like it there are other options readily available  to them. Offer to cook together or  for them to watch( and learn!!) Again this can be a  fun activity to do altogether and after awhile their interest will be peaked enough that options become second nature. 

Positive Communication 

Children are sponges. Everything you say and HOW you say it is absorbed through children and replicated by them. Start to communicate positively: Give options, practice what you preach. 

The pillars: Movement,lead by example and communication.

Which area could use a little more love in your life? Let us know in the comments and open to the discussion!